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AWARNESS is the key word

If you don’t know your rights or worse if you neglect to have some rights, it is almost impossible to defend yourself. Every day, with more and more sophisticated techniques and by more and more powerful means, somewhere, somehow, the rights of Family Business Fellows are trampled underfoot. The first step towards emancipation and empowerment is to know and understand the rules. Rules are sometimes decided and established by someone different from you and even in the case you don’t share those rules, you may be subject and bound to those rules. The family business’ bylaws are the first and main source of shareholders rules. Under Italian Constitution (Art. 54) all citizens have the duty to uphold laws of the Republic; under Italian Civil Code (Art. 1372) a contract has the force of law between the parties; as a consequence, all the shareholders have the duty to uphold company’s bylaws provided that those rules don’t run counter to the laws.