Open Principles of the FBF - point 6 added.

  1.There isn’t any merit of being an FBF. The FBF is usually by birth, hardly someone turns into an FBF.  

2.As long as the link between family and family business exists, any prevalence of one dimension on the other is unacceptable.  

3.The FBF should consider his own holding into the family business in respect of his own risk/reward profile and investment horizon taking into account the benefits of diversification.

4.The FBF actively seek the protection of his own legitimate interests according to the Latin maxim: “Qui in iure suo utitur neminem laedit.” (he who exercises his legal rights harms no one – civil law)

5.Peace laid on justice. The FBF acts according to equanimity with impartiality and independence of judgement. 

6. The FBF repudiates any manipulation of affections intended as a means for pursuing profit.

7. (...)

Please  feel free to suggest any modification, integration or note to the Open Principles. They aren't definitive.


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